Levitra with Dapoxetine

Maybe the name sounds a little bit medical and boring, rest assured this Levitra medication is totally the opposite – it is mindblowing and highly new and innovative medications.

What is Levitra Dapoxetine?

Levitra Dapoxetine is a “dual action pill” which means it has 2 active ingredients and therefore 2 treatments in one. Let’s go back to the basics. You probably know Levitra has the active ingredient Vardenafil, which is a treatment for male impotence or in other words erectile dysfunction. Well dapoxetine is the active ingredient in Priligy, which is a well known medication for the treatment of premature ejaculation, which is a common problem in men who have their orgasm too early so women and men can’t enjoy the sexual intercourse. Therefore Dapoxetine/Priligy is there to delay the ejaculation. Now imagine how cool and unique to have both active ingredients in only 1 pill Levitra Dapoxetine and having to take only 1 pill to treat both men’s health issues.

Erectile Dysfunction
Levitra Dapoxetine works the same effective as the normal Levitra Pill.

Premature ejaculation
While the normal Levitra pills don’t treat specific premature ejaculation, Levitra Dapoxetine does treat PE and this is the main advantage.

Is Levitra Dapoxetine for me?

Coming to conclusion, based on above information, if Levitra Dapoxetine is suitable for you, is depending if you suffer from both ED as well as PE. While all active ingredients could have side effects and not to overflow your body with medications, you only need to treat PE if you really suffer from premature ejaculation. Otherwise it is better to stick with the normal Levitra tablets. Having said that, Levitra Dapoxetine is a unique ed pill and pe tablet for those men who suffer from both medical conditions and a true innovation in the medical field.