Levitra Brand

Levitra Brand of Brand Levitra is the original version of Levitra / Vardenafil first discovered by Bayer and they were the ones actually “branding” this vardenafil medication as Levitra. Of course a new medicine always needs to have a catchy name, especialy if you want to compete with other medicines which also have good and easy names like Cialis, Viagra, Stendra and Kamagra. The active ingredients like Vardenafil always have difficult and long names, and therefore a catchy name is crucial. However now enough about the name, let’s dig deeper into how Levitra Brand actually works.

By the way, don’t forget our post article about Generic Levitra , as this might contain very valuable information as well as a huge cost saving.

How does Levitra actually works?

Well to be quite frankly, exactly like all the other erectile dysfunction drugs ( viagra, cialis, kamagra etc…) it widens the blood vessels and by this your blood goes more easy into the penis. So when you get excited even a little, a hard long boner is the positive consequence. when you don’t take Levitra, especially men over 40, can have the problem that because of stress, unhealthy diet or even boring life the blood doesn’t get enough in your penis and you basically have a limp dick. Nothing is more painful and embarrasing for a men to have a limp dick, so Levitra and other ed pills are a welcome invention.

Levitra Brand vs Generic Levitra

While Bayer was the first one introducing Levitra to the market, at the moment there are other generic versions of Levitra on the market as well as the patent expired. Unfortunately for Bayer Pharmaceuticals, however for consumers it is heaven as prices for Generic Levitra are much lower, while quality and strength are exactly the same. Basically there is no difference between the 2, Levitra Brand and Generic Levitra. The only difference is the price and the pharma producer. So if you’re a millionaire, you might be comfortable spending 25 usd per tablet on Levitra Brand, however if you are more like ordinary joe or a good paid manager earning 100.000 USD/EUR per year, then Generic Levitra is more affordable for you.