Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra is basically a generic version of the original and brand version of Levitra, in this case Levitra Brand. Some people claim generic meds are of different quality or other bullshit, but here we gonna go to the bottom of this and explain you what actually generic levitra is and why generic drugs in general are exactly the same or even better and why their prices are much cheaper. We want to go for a 3-way approach to make sure we will not miss anything relevant; let’s get started!

Step 1. What are Generic Drugs?

We are happy you are reading this information, as you want to know more about generic drugs and especially generic levitra, which can save you 100s or maybe even 1000s of dollars/euros per year! Let’s get to the bottom of this. Generic Drugs are basically generic version of brand-name drugs. This is possible, because the patents of medicines expire after 10 years and the active ingredients in medicines are normally very easy to produce. Most work and money as well as time goes into the research ( also called R&D ) to find out which active ingredient has the right effect, however any respected pharmaceutical company is able to produce the active ingredients in 90% of the medicines. And don’t just take our word for it, check out the wikipedia page about generic drugs and read for yourself! So basically , both the generic drug as well as the brand drug have the exact same composition and active ingredient. The only different is the brand-name, the package and the pharmaceutical producer and last but not least… the price! Of course the pharma companies try to make the “brand” fashionable and make consumers pay very high cost just for the brand.

Step 2. What is Generic Levitra

Assume you all have read the above under the chapter “generic drugs” we can now move deeper in the specific drug Levitra.┬áThis same what we discussed about generic drugs, is the same with Levita of course as well as with any other medication in generic form. Bayer Pharmaceutical is the pharmaceutical company producing the brand-version of Levitra and interested to make you pay crazy high amounts, while other pharma companies produce generic levitra for much cheaper. In the brand version there is 20mg of Vardenafil, the active ingredient, and in the generic version of Levitra you will find the exact same amount of Vardenafil too, 20mg. however additional advantage of purchasing generic levitra is that you can even choose lighter versions as well as stronger version of Levitra. Where the brand version is only available in 20mg Vardenafil, the generic version if available in 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 40mg and 60mg so a wide variety of choice. Why is this? well because every single body is different, big or small, fat or thin and some bodies simply need more Vardenafil for the right effects than others.

Step 3. Why Generic Levitra is much cheaper?

You are probably aware that all brand products are always more expensive. Why? Because you pay for the brand and the extra marketing costs. Some people are very sensitive for brand versions and the brand owners are using this, with sleaky marketing campaigns and with medicines it is even worse, they can prevent during their patent rights other companies from producing generic versions, so you have no choice! Fortunately after the 10 years expiration generic versions come available and that’s why Generic Levitra is available too! So there are the same active ingredient “Vardenafil” and exactly the same composition and quality, Generic Levitra is simply cheaper because you do not pay for the brand-name and all the expensive marketing costs from Bayer. Sounds good not?

Conclusion: What is better, Generic Levitra of Levitra Brand.

Taking all the above arguments into consideration and also take into account the 3-way step approach we can finally come to conclusions and answer the million dollar question… “what is better, Generic Levitra or Levitra Brand”. Well lets sum up what we have learned. Generally speaking generic drugs are the exact same as brand drugs in terms of quality and working as well as active ingredients. Brand Drugs have patents of 10 years and you pay a high price for the brand and marketing costs. There is really no difference between generics and brand-name medicines. With generic levitra you have choice to stronger and less strong versions of the medicines and the price is much cheaper than Levitra Brand. So we can conclude Generic levitra is the absolute winner as it has a much better price/quality ratio and is available in a much wider choice which is a huge advantage!